Hello Style

There are so many styles to add to your wardrobe this Spring…. where to start?  My suggestion, pick a couple new trends that you are drawn to and add them to your current clothing.

Spring Trends Breakdown:  Neons, florals, mix and match patterns, poplum, pencil skirt, wedge shoes, metallics, chunky colorful necklaces, mint and coral clothing, and pink lips.

If you just don’t know where to start, I suggest go with one new Neon item such as a belt and add it to your jeans, or around that dress or shirt.  You can do the same trick with Metallic shoes or belt.  Also, anyone call pull off wedge shoes.  There are no rules to these shoes, they can go with just about anything!

Stay away from trying mix and match patterns as it is a lot harder unless you go to the store and buy the entire outfit from the spring collection matchy match section.  Boring, but if you just have to do it, beware you may end up looking like you didn’t have your glasses on that morning.

If you are skinny or curvy and like to have your shirts tucked in, then go for that pencil skirt otherwise, run.  It’s all about elongating your lower half and keeping things up top simple, with a crisp button up shirt or with a tucked in T and a jean jacket that falls at the waits.  Keep the proportions up top either tucked in or short, otherwise this look can go wrong quickly!

My faithful spring go to items are, a trench coat, floral scarf, skinny belt and ballerina flats.  To stay on top of the trends, I added my mother-in-laws two tone blue chuncky plastic beaded necklace, a neon T, and wedge shoes.  I’m not a fan of mint clothing but I will paint my nails this springy green color.

Don’t forget to lighten your makeup colors.  Leave the smoky eyes out for awhile and go with pastels…eyeshadow, cheeks and lips!

Have fun with these spring trends and be quick, because just when you finally figure it out, it will be summer and we’ll have new trends to follow!

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