Maine attraction

When we moved to Maine I was impressed…. well with all of it!  Lobsters….for starters!

This dock is 5 minutes from our front door!!  Feel a bit spoiled admitting that!

A local church steeple.  Every town has at least one that commands the most attention.

If you’re in Maine, LL Bean in Freeport is a must go to destination of you name it, but their known LL Bean boot is my favorite.

Camden is a stunning coastal town that is sweet and quaint with a real Down Eastern feel.

If you head to Maine in September, then you cannot and I mean cannot miss the Common Ground Fair.  The fair is by MOFGA, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.  You will find various local crafts, perishable goods, handmade soaps, fishing nets, to locally made meats, sweaters, and much much more!

Southern Maine has many small coastal towns.  This is of York’s Wiggly Bridge walk!

Lobster buoy’s in every seaside town!

Lobster bakes all year round, but summer is optimal for enjoying our gold of the sea.

In the fall, the small towns always celebrate with local parades, contests and festivals!

Fall apple, gourd and pumpkin orchard.  Last year we wicked two months worth of apples.  It cost us $91!  Of course we made crisps, pies, sauce and had caramel with all of our apples!

The beaches are great.  The water is freezing, but with the humidity and heat, sometimes I even go to play in the waves!

The lighthouses are beautiful but what is even cooler is that they light them up with holiday lights in December!

As you can see there are so many attractions in Maine… I hope you come and visit!

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