The Perfect Wedding Gift

I enjoy doing anything creative, so naturally I love to wrap gifts, but mostly love giving them and try to create a unique gift if possible.  There is nothing like getting a gift that is so perfect for you and you love everything about it, from the way it was presented to you, to the packing, and of course the gift!

I bought a large frame from Crate & Barrel that had a custom mat where several size photos could go.  I made sure that the frame would be a good fit for the couples home style.  I took their wedding invitation and copied a couple of times so that I could create some custom cards using their invitation, quotes, monograms and their names.

The couples’ invitation.

I made their monogram on my computer and added my favorite quote, “And they lived happily ever after”!  I used  turquoise card stock to add another blue to the frame.

I cut their invitation anchor and added it with their names to tie the entire look together.  It is these details that make this gift look professional and very special.

I went to the store to shop for something else to add to their frame and ended up picking this blue water heart card out!  Love!

It just needed a little of Holly & Seth!

Here are some of the custom cards I created.  All with blue fonts.

I took the boarder of their invitation and cut it to fit perfectly around their ‘established’ card.

The final gift has plenty of space for wedding memories and photos.  I love that I started their memory frame, but they get to add their own touches to complete it perfectly for them!

I never give a gift in a bag, and with the scale of this gift I had no other choice but to use paper.

I love white and only white for a wedding.  This is handmade paper that was made through fair trade practices.

I used a strip of burlap fabric for an earthy looking bow.  I love contrasting everything- soft and rough.

To add their ‘blue’ wedding color I tied in a blue ribbon and monogram on their card.  To keep with the beach feeling, I placed an ornamental starfish.

The couple recently moved to the coastal area, so I liked the idea of also giving them a fresh set of Ralph Lauren beach towels.  I used a stripped paper, but kept things similar with the bows and starfish.  To combine the two gifts I added an extra layer of the fair trade floral paper to this gift.

You can’t go overboard with a newlywed couple and monograms!

And they lived happily ever after and I am happily gifting!

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