Gifts worth giving

I’m a big fan of gift giving and love giving the perfect gift.  It can be a challenge if you don’t really know the person personally, but I have figured out some safe great gifts.

As a gift I gave to several of the staff members at my son’s school this year, were entertaining sets.  Summer was just around the corner when school ended so I gave paper plate and coordinating paper napkin sets with a seashell included on the ribbon.  We live on the Maine coast, so everything is pretty beachy in this area.

I picked out rectangular shaped paper plates~ something different.  You know how everyone always uses paper plates, so why not give them as a gift?

Another gift I gave this summer was a pot of herbs.  I made sure to buy a nice pot that I thought reflected the host personality and picked up a couple of an assortment of herbs to plant.   It was a very welcomed gift and a friend of mine said that she was stealing the idea to use.  Everyone loves fresh herbs when they cook, but who wants to buy them?  Makes a great gift.

A friend of mine was having her third baby so for her shower we gave her a group gift.  Jewelry makes a great gift and I can’t think of a better jewelry company than Nashelle.  Build your own necklaces and bracelets.  I was giving a charm necklace for my 40th birthday and I wear it almost everyday.  What makes it such a great gift is that you can decide what makes the jewelry that you give special to the recipient.  For me, my kids, so my necklace was a gold bar with each of my children’s name on it and my initial.  Very beautiful, affordable and so special.

My husband really enjoys cooking, and he is hard to buy gifts for, so my mom gifted a year subscription to a monthly food magazine.  He loves it and wouldn’t normally buy it for himself.  I find that I would love a subscription to People, but find it hard to spend the money on~ that makes a great gift.

Something that is really hard to get, like a bottle of wine or alcohol makes a very special gift, especially if it’s from your neck of the woods.  For example, my sister in law make Pisco Sours while we visited and when we left she gave me a bottle of Pisco as a gift.  Pisco isn’t sold here, so the gift felt very special being from her and her country.

Handmade anything…I received a quilt for each of my children by a family member and that is one special keepsake.  She also made a bear.  Knowing she took her time, energy and love to make it, feels so good.

And lastly, I find photographs to be amazing gifts.  In the past I have framed photos, put photos in albums, calendars and sent a special photo in a thank you card.  I can’t think of any other way to bring a smile to my face than to recall a special moment through a photograph.

2 thoughts on “Gifts worth giving

  1. I’m very passionate about gift giving… It’s important to try to show you know something about the recipient (if you can) — spending time trumps money in my book.

    1. Absolutely, the power of a good gift can be very moving. I love when the gift just jells and you know you’ve nailed it and the gift like you mentioned, connects for both the gift giver and the recipient. Happy Gifting!

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