Shopping on line

I don’t know about you, but I always have shopping in mind.  I do really love to shop, but when the holiday season starts getting wild and the traffic is slow, people are crabby and you have to wait in lines….ooohhhh yes, I don’t love it, but I find times to go late or shop on line as the deals are great, sometimes even better, plus most sites will offer free or discounted shipping options.  Free returns, a Bonus!

Great On-Line Shops that work for you

Nordstroms– free shipping and returns

Amazon– buy a Prime membership for a flat yearly fee, and get free 2-day shipping

Ebay and Etsy– the sellers make their own shipping rates, so find the ones you like

More on Etsy, always and I mean always contact the seller and ask if they are running any sales or discounts.  Usually, even if they aren’t they’ll gift you one!– save up to 75% off retail, and their rates change all the time, even on one item, so check often if you are interested in an item!– free shipping & returns, specials, super trendy great women’s & men’s clothing

If you want to make stores work for you, make sure to go on to check for coupon codes before you purchase anything.  Usually, I won’t buy on line unless there’s something that is in my favor.  Stores want your business, and run regular specials, so wait.  If you don’t have time to check sites daily, sign up for their news letters and they will let you know!

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