Reader Appreciation Award

Proudly, D. Jacobsohn Designs has been nominated by Fashion & Style Guru for a Reader Appreciation Award!


Thank you Fashion & Style Guru for the nomination!

The rules for the Reader Appreciation Award are:

Link back to the person who nominated you

Attach the icon to your site

Answer the questions

Nominate some other blogger whom you feel deserve this award

Your favorite colour : I love White.

Your favourite animal? Mainecoon Cat’s

 Your favourite non-alcholic drink? Aqua

Your favourite number? 7

Your favourite day of the week? Every day!

Your favourite flower? Peony

Your favourite passion? Friendships

Do you watch television?Yes, anything on fashion and design and Bravo

Your favourite author?  Wally Lamb

Do you like 80s movies? Some of them

What social issues bother you?  Aloofness in person, but we’re ‘friends’ on FB?

How do you like your eggs? Hard scramble

When did you discover blogging? Only last year…but I am addicted!

 Why do you like to blog? Creating~ I love to be creative daily and blogging gives me the forum to do so, and most importantly, belong to a community of bloggers with like mindedness…. so fun and fulfilling!

My Nominations for the  Reader Appreciation Award are:



Light Friday 

me & my worthygoods

I enjoy all of these blogs and hope you find them as inspiring and fun to follow as I!  Happy Holiday from D. Jacobsohn Designs!

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