Wall of Art

I enjoy being creative so I am drawn towards art work that evokes feelings, is modern with a heavy frame or mixed with traditional decor.  I love photographs mixed other eye catching art.  To me a frame is the bow on how the image is presented and enhanced.  One of my most favorite things to do is create an eclectic collection of images and art that hang together.  They don’t have to be like one another, but how they relate to each other or how you feel when you look at the pictures together.  Here are a few collections that I appreciate and admire.


Love the different sizes and styles of grouped art.

One giant piece of work surround by various frames.
Black and white photographs that are the same size and same frames, but matted differently!
Similar color pallet, gold tones and art famed and unframed.  The the various sizes but all rectangles.
A mass of pictures that are symmetrical in style.
All this colorful art is created with white backgrounds.  Pops of color!
Framed the same!
Similar color pallet
Styles are very much the same and mostly unframed.
I tend to create photo collections that are of different styles and mixed medium.

4 thoughts on “Wall of Art

  1. I love this look and have tried it several times but I don’t think I’m very good at it.
    It tends to look like either some crazy old woman did it or a little boring!
    Maybe I just don’t have the right pieces. 🙂

    1. Play around with spacial relations- lay all out on floor in a measured space and play around with layout positions. Make some close and smaller ones group together. For me it’s all about finding that right balance~ my goal on one wall was to group a bunch of colorful art together, but I found it needed some black and white photographs and some black frames mixed with gold and silver to look cohesive. Good Luck. Keep trying! Best!! THX Denise

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