Living room study

I’ve learned that not all living rooms are equal.  I’m not one to play it safe when it comes to the living room.  Finding the right balance of placement with furniture & accessories, then adding colorful printed fabrics, floor coverings, lighting and wall color can be one complex challenge.  Might I add, one I’m always up for, but I constantly admire what others have done in their living rooms.

The Decorista-Domestic Bliss: The Art of room layout ideas
I love how the walls and major furniture pieces are white, and some brown & so very neutral, then pops of color with simple items that could easily be changed out.  Image replacing the pinks with turquoise…there would be an entirely different feel.  How about taking out the mustard and adding greens.  Smart room design.
#livingroom #nautical #summer #coral #drapes #arearug #floortoceiling Maisonette: Jolie Goodnight's Blog: {A Refined Home (with some really great details!}
Red, white and blue…serious play on several prints, but with all the backgrounds being white on the major prints, they all easily work together nicely.  The Lucite table is a fab touch, because it doesn’t interfere with the prints it won’t make the space feel too small.  The large furniture pieces are solid and neutral in color.  You can always change out the prints less expensively than the big ticket items.
dark lovely
As you can see everything is dark….walls and furniture, and the accessories can be anything now!
glamorous living room
Leopard is a major print and on the sofa, that is a commitment, but by keeping everything else simple and a neutral color scheme, a bold print works well.  I’m a little jealous….totally love to have this sofa.
Painted floor
White walls and black and white thick striped floor with neutral furniture work well.  Since the floor doesn’t have a shinny finish, it gives a casual feeling.  The plaid yellow chair works as yellow always goes with black and is playing off the shades.  This plaid is larger in scale making it less stuffy.
Carolina Irving's NY living room
White walls keep the balance between all the colorful prints, art, and accessories.  The solid deep colored drapes are hanging at such a large scale, they really balance room’s busy prints.
small living room
The cream layers give this room a cozy feel, while the silvery sideboard, fixture, Lucite table and metal arm on chair give a modern feeling.  Light mauvy drapes in a light fabric add femininity to the room that creates balance.
colorful living room
The flooring, most walls and sofa are white and the layers of colorful printed fabric pop as does the accent bright wall.  An all bright color pallet with the dated floral prints give a bohemian vibe.
living room - interior photography of Dane Tashima
Brown tones are at the core of this design.  Green and orange always work well together, and I love how the giant art has a modern scale but still feels warm.  The silver chair is also modern.  Due to the colors and furniture styles, this room really has a Mad Men vibration.
*images found on pinterest

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