Gifting A little something

At the end of each school year I like to give the staff at my kid’s school gifts.  Maine is all about the beach and simple yet quality living.  It doesn’t take much to give a thoughtful gift.  I like to put a few small things together with a note and ribbon.  For me the overall usefulness is more important than just giving something to give it.

In the past the gifts have been about plants and entertaining so I wanted to do something different this year and I thought about how much everyone is ready to pamper themselves.

Here is what I came up with:  washcloth, Trader Joe’s soaps and lip gloss.


I chose colorful washcloths for summer.


I use a lot of different ribbons.  Use good ribbons.


If you are going to give more than five gifts, don’t feel like you have to break the bank.


I like using fine papers, stamps, patterned scissors and colorful marks to hand write gift tags.  After your “Thank You” statement make sure to include something clever about the gift, in this case….”Time to Pamper”.


The staff was pleased with their smart gifts.  For the guys, you could place in a razor instead of a lip gloss.  Be creative, have fun with the gifts you give and remember not to deliver gifts on the last day….it’s too crazy, I always deliver a few days ahead of time.

Happy Gifting

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