In A Jumpsuit

The past couple of years I’ve worn a few jumpsuits, which I never thought they’d be my thing, but why not.  Especially when they give you the illusion that you appear taller, have a smaller butt and maybe thinner!  Of course it all depends on the right fabric of your jumpsuit and don’t forget you have to pick out one that plays up your assets.

DSC_1371Here is a vintage one I wore to my 1970’s birthday party.  The deep V neckline really help to add cleavage and show off your arms.


Black is always slimming but what I love most about his suit is that the legs are wide making your butt look smaller.  It is also strapless.

DSC_0053I wore a small jacket over this jumpsuit to make it look more dressy.  If you were going to an event at a hip restaurant or venue then I would have added a leather number or fur to bring a party feel to the suit.

Here are some of the jumpsuits that I recommend.


Zara Jumpsuit

5th & Mercer Sleeveless Jumpsuit               5th & Mercer SHOPBOP
I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these jumpsuits.  All very flattering, stylish and cool.  You’d be sure to be the envy of any event you showed up in one of these!

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