Fabulous FASHION Friday

It’s a fashion thing, wearing leather isn’t just for bikers anymore.  Everyday women can add that fierce leather biker jacket to their wardrobe this season.  I’m a big fan of entering Fall by adding layers and so happy that I can pile on the leather without looking like I’m too cool for school.

If you’re ready to give a black biker jacket a try, here are some rules to live by.

1.  Add color.  Don’t wear all black unless you’re going for that look.

2.  Don’t wear leather pants.  Leather on leather is way out, like 30 years ago.

3.  Keep the details on the jacket simple.  You don’t need to have fringe & studs, leather is enough.

4.  Think about your bottoms.  Don’t wear cropped khaki pants…stick to jeans, thicker leggings & skirts.

5.  Watch your make up.  If you pile on the make up, you may end up looking like your for hire.  Just saying.

Don’t be afraid to wear this season’s cool jacket….It’s fabulous and so are you!

4 thoughts on “Fabulous FASHION Friday

  1. This style is sooooo me ! A black leather jacket on black skinny pants (with a leopard-print scarf !) is my winter statement ! Thanx for following my blog, published in Marseille, France !

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