Flattering Style

My number one style tip is to “Work Your Best Asset”, meaning wear your clothing to draw attention to your best feature!

Pretty, flattering fitted suit.

my friend Erin gave me some good advice last year - if you hide your body under loose or overly layered clothing, nobody knows what you look like. but if you buy fitted clothes that flatter your ins and outs, you look the size that you are.
Flattering All White Ensembles
Mind Games Halter Top. And how flattering is that cut?! Makes for super feminine shoulders!


I love the shape of this.. I don't know if it's the most form flattering of outfits but that's kind of my style.

love rompers. when you find the right one it can be very flattering and comfy.

Make a statement with a bold and oversized pair of sunglasses. A shape like this one where it hugs the face with almost zero curvature flatters any face shape. Here, the outfit is black X white with gold and neutral tones to accessorize. Shop similar sunglass styles now by clicking on the photo.  #stylist #styling #fashion #trends #chic #howtowear #stylistapproved #theLook

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