Red the color of LOVE

Imagine this:  Wolf: "What red lips you have!" Scarlet: "The better to kiss you with, my dear."  LOL.

Sequin Heart Elbow Patch - "Dazzle Patch" Sweatshirt  w/ Red Heart Sequin Elbow Patch - Valentine's Day Sale
in my dreams I wear a red shoes every morning

1930's style cap hat with a modern print. Perfect for adding a little retro classy twist to any outfit!

Beautiful...and I'm worth it !!!
OMG! I need this in my life SO HARDDD!! Red
piano man
Is there anything better then red with a beautiful horse?
Red Room
.Vania pinned this and I love it !!!!!! maybe we should go red... and or with sleeves
Blood orange margarita. 3 oz fresh Blood Orange Juice  2 oz Tequila  1 oz Triple Sec  Splash of agave nectar  SalSol Lemon-Lime Margarita Garnish
Red Hot | Soolip hearted <3
Photo credits:  Pinterest

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