Salon Sabeha Reno

I was asked to work with Salon Sabeha on a complete renovation.  It was an exciting challenge because we only had 10 days to work in the salon.  Weeks prior we discussed colors, style and budget.

The search for lighting, new stations, paint, paper and new accessories started to happen before the salon actually closed.  Amanda, the owner was focused on getting rid of everything and lightening the entire space.  The goal was to modernize it with whites.

The purpose of the remodel was to add one new station and two blow out stations to the existing space.  We had to work hard to get the right scale of existing furniture plus three new ones.  Best advice is to measure, measure then measure again!

We worked finding as much as we could on-line and Amanda stuck to what she knows best, the finding the right stations.  The two things that remained the same were the flooring and the front desk.  We had several meetings and discussions over a couple of weeks before the salon actually closed.  We kept working on the layout of the stations and furniture.  By the end we must have changed the station layout 15+times.

The biggest impact was changing the wall color from blue to light taupe-gray.  Everything became clean, bright and more white.  Color was added in the seating area and the metals and greens around the entire salon.

IMG_5614.jpgThe outdated salon desk and accent wall.  img_6204-2.jpg


Rolled paper rolled over the dated painted wall, new lighting, painted bar and lucite bar stools to add seating.IMG_5605.jpg

Blue walls, old lighting and seating area.IMG_6222.jpg

Chairs moved to another wall, colorful rug, new lighting and two blow-dry stations added.IMG_6226.jpg

Great use of space by adding small white table and gold round mirrors to the wall that once was the waiting area.  Cool products stand.  The shelves are held up with copper pipes.  IMG_5602.jpg

Two sinks and you can see more of the accent wall.  IMG_6214.jpg


Amanda needed a third sink so they were moved closer.  The shampoo & towel area got painted white.IMG_5607.jpg

The old stations we black and wood.  IMG_7129.jpg

White stations are on wheels and look very modern.

Paint Athena by Benjamin Moore

Rumsey Striped Hexagon Peel & Stick Wallpaper by Wrought Studio

Sconces and lighting by Lowes and Home Depot

Nichole Beige Rug by Mistana

Lucite bar stools from Crate & Barrel

Pillows & Gold mirror from Target

Coffee table and accessories from Homegoods



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