About Me

photo 1 Denise as a S T Y L I S T

Denise lives in Maine and is from Alaska, so she fought against the grain when it comes to the weather and what she wanted to wear.  She’s always been one of a kind and even wore curlers in her hair on the bus just so she could have that perfect hair to go with her outfit for the day!  “Yes, in the sixth grade I sported wedge shoes and in 9th grade I had purple tinted hair!  Style is as much a part of me as my breath and I truly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t obsessing about clothing, even in Alaska’s cold wintery slushy April, I was thinking about my floral cotton Easter look.”  Nothing stops this gal and clothing is part of her soul!

Her background is in Education and she’s always been a teacher at heart and really loves being and working with people.

Denise’s styling strengths are in layering fabrics and editing outfits for her clients .  She is personally talented at creating beautiful, yet functional outfits by mixing various styles at all prices to get a true individual look.  Denise enjoys shopping at local shops and gets discounts from the owners to save her clients more money.

In her spare time she enjoys shopping at local antique, thrift, and consignment stores.

Denise is a wife and mother to two boys.  How great that she gets to be the diamond among the rough of her boys!


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