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In a hat

I do love a good hat.  This is a great hat that I picked up at a friends’ store.  I’ve been waiting for the right time to wear it and decided to wear it on a rainy night!


Stick straight hair works best with a fedora hat


This hat is by “Glitzy Bella” and is has a feather, lace, chain, large rhinestones and a cameo broach all on t he side!


Price of my hat, $60


As you can see I paired up my fab hat with pleather leggings, a studded sleeveless shirt, rhinestone necklace and wedges.  More is more with this look!


Our Easter fun

Easter & our boys

P1010874This year James wanted to place the eggs in the boiling water (only broke 7)

P1010881  We went with ego egg dye from William Sonoma & Kool Aid!





P1010981The eggs turned out just as well with eco dyes!


For every holiday we have quite a book collection (from my teacher years!)


One of my favorite books…”The Truth about Easter Rabbits”



Love what they say about Easter Rabbits


Ace loves Easter.  He would never miss out on all the fun!


My attempt to make breakfast



The hunt is on

P1010932 P1010954

Every year John finds less eggs but gets more dollar bills

P1010950Jame found 27 of the 50 eggs


Stickers, change, dollars, stamps & bubbles come in our eggs


Easter ears a must


Egg fight fun

Our Easter isn’t fancy but it’s fun and while our boys are young we want them to believe in the magic of Easter.

Celebrating New Year Eve in Style!

1907 The New Year’s Eve Ball
The invitation
Martha always knows how to decorate!
The perfect NYE dress
I love having party hats & horns to ring in the new year!
There is nothing like fireworks at midnight!
The Bar
There is nothing like champagne on Dec 31st!
The food
The decorations
And of course….the F*U*N!
(The Last Day of Disco – New Year’s Eve Studio 54, 1978)
Happy New Year 2013!

15 Beauty Products I can’t live without

Sometimes I wonder what I did before these products.  Sure didn’t know what I was missing and wonder, “what took me so long?”

1.  Cutex Nail Polish Remover (pads)-  Seriously, they have saved me a few times- a lot of the time I am too busy to grab a pro mani, so I have to paint my nails late at night and boy, the next morning they don’t end up looking like I thought once I am in my car in the bright sun light.  Fix em right up with my pads.

2.  Tweezerman Tweezers- I get the craziest eyebrows that can get out of control if I don’t pull out a few every other night!  So much easier with these great tweezers. 

3.  Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler- I love that I don’t need any foam inserts for this curler.  All I have to do is wash off left over mascara and I’m ready to curl away.  This is by far the best eye lash curler around.

4.  Sea Sponge- I love the way this old fashion sponge feels all over my body.  I add a cleaning body jell to it in the shower and scrub away all my dead skin.

5.  Clarisonic Cleansing system- I have two different heads, one for my face and a larger one for my body.  I can use my Clairsonic in the shower.  This is why I love it (straight from their website) “uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth skin. In just 60 seconds, the brush gently, yet thoroughly removes 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than manual cleansing alone. Removing these impurities has been shown to allow a 61% better absorption of Vitamin C, and better prepares skin for other products.”

6.  Hair cutting scissors- I have a good pair, no brand that I know of, but if I have to trim my brows or my kids hair, then I am good to go.  Only use them for hair, nothing else or they will dull.

7.  Hairbands- For the gym I love the classic “Goody” hairbands and for an all day, hanging out with my hair up, I use Emi Jay’s.  They are an elastic, that comes in fun patterns and colors and don’t dent your hair or slip.

8.  bareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser- So takes off all my make up and mascara quickly.

9.  Crest White Strips.  Easy and works!

10.  sara happ lip gloss- Not sticky or smelly and looks great.

11.  Liquid eye liner- don’t have a fav yet.  If you do, let me know!

12.  SkinMedica Retional Complex- “enhances skin through exfoliation”.  I use it in the evening.

13.  Burts Bees Lip Baum- I use it everyday and keep it in my car.  Nothing replaces this product.

14.  Cuticle cutter- I often have to work on my nails, so I give my cuticles attention every other night.

15.  Tom’s of Maine deodorant- I don’t want to chance any extra chemicals (aluminum) in my body, so I use this all natural deodorant.  It does take getting used to, but if you use it a bit more often it does work.

Please share your favorite Beauty Product with me…. I love swapping secrets!


I have always loved parties, you could call me a party animal.  I love attending or planning a good party.  To me it is all about the theme, if you can pin down the theme then it will all fall into place.  Once it’s decided, go for ‘that perfect invitation’, as that is your guest’s first impression on what they are invited to.  For me if I get an invite that is stunning, then I know the party will follow, but if I get an invitation that is so-so then you can almost expect a so-so party.

It is so easy to find great invitations with Etsy.  All of these were bought on Etsy.  Simply go to their site, and search under ‘handmade’ and start with your subject + invitation.  Some you print yourself, which are way cheaper and others are made to order and shipped to you, so consider your time frame and make sure you can get your invitation out in enough time for your guests.

Here are just a few of the invitations that we’ve sent out for our parties!


How fun is this invitation to my 70’s disco party!!


Boys only party invitations! $10 for dyi

Add some theme details to the outside of the invitation too.

I printed this one myself and used craft scissors and added theme stickers.

John’s Robot cake!  Super easy~ body & head is sheet cake and I used rice krispies for the rest with colorful candy to add details.

I love to use stickers as they are so beautiful now.  I mix them with my own printed details.

Don’t be afraid to ‘go all out’~ such memory makers!

I didn’t have time to make a Cat theme cake, so I bought one and used an extra invitation as decoration.  These were ordered from Etsy, shop called Nelson 55.

Marilyn Monroe…need I say more

I am, one of may women who are mystified by the complex and beautiful Marilyn Monroe.  She was so confident being Marilyn yet so overwhelming insecure as her real self.  Well aren’t we all!  She said and did so many great iconic things- I mean our culture will always remember her as ‘the other woman’ singing to the president.  Weather you agree with her or not, she was and still is the Marilyn Monroe.

This year I decorated for a Marilyn themed birthday party.  I knew I wanted to use Marilyn’s oh so famous quotes and images.  For the guest of honor’s (who had a fun full of life personality) big day, I knew I could take the decorations a bit was over the top, so I added glitz and glam to everything.  I’m such a girly girl, so this private birthday party was fun to decorate.

My mother in laws ceramic Marilyn doll.

I picked up a great book on Marilyn and used the photos and quotes to add to the tables.

I mixed photos of the birthday girl with Marilyn’s photos.

Use a clear vase to add a collage of photographs.

I love how this metal picture stand looked with Marilyn’s quote, photo and the birthday girl’s photo.  I picked it up at Jo-Ann’s fabrics because you can adjust the height of each rod, which gave a great effect on the guest book table.

Love how this ceramic container looked with a rhinestone sticker from Michael’s.

Customize everything!

Tissue balls add a lot of glam with very little money.  I loved using a boa to hang these!

Trim everything with craft scissors.

The guest of honor loves purple and pink, so I used p&p with gold and silver which are great neutrals to work with.

The guest book was the perfect place to add shine with rhinestone!  Why not!?

Don’t forget the dessert!  How classic is Marilyn in this one!!!  How fun!

He’s turning one!

Seven years ago we put down one of our beloved cats and within six months we had to put down one other cat.  It was so devastating to loose two amazing pets who had become part of our family.  At the time we had our first son, who was still an infant, which was a blessing since the loss of our first babies was so depressing.

Last July my husband, two son’s and I decided it was time to add a pet to our household.  For us, we knew it would be a Maine Coon cat, so the search started for a little girl kitten.

After searching local shelters, ads, and on line sites, we didn’t find the right Maine Coon cat for us.  One day while driving my son to summer camp I saw a sign on the road that said, “free kittens”.  I followed up that day and met not only one, but two adorable Maine Coon kittens and knew we had to pick up the girl, which I had my heart set on getting since I am the only female in the house!  The next day we went to pick up our kitten and the owners told us shocking information, that one kitten ran into the road and got hit and the other ran into the woods.  We couldn’t believe it.  Another loss with so many mixed emotions and we were feeling like we’d never find our new pet.

I decided to look on Craigslist and found a listing for this Maine Coon/Lynx face:


We were so in love with the picture but didn’t want to get our hopes up since we lost the other kitten.  When we showed up to meet this kitten, he was so tiny and yes, a boy, but that isn’t what really set me off about him, it was that he was half Maine coon and half Lynx so he had a stubby half tail.  He wasn’t perfect, but he was just right for us.  The minute we saw him, we all fell in love, fleas and all.


The boys named him ACE!  Which is the coolest cat name, but would he hold up to his name?


Ace on our ride home!


My three boys!



Prince Ace fits right into our household!


Growing right out of that Bumbo Ace




Ace has to be with us at all times, which is similar to our other Maine Coon cats.



As you can see Ace puts up with us and has added so much quality to our lives we’re not sure why it took us so long to get a cat, but I know deep down we were waiting for him, not just any cat.  Yes, we will be celebrating his birthday on June 17 with cake and ice cream and my youngest son said that he can invite all the other cats from the family.  Happy Birthday Ace!

Hot neon island decor

Thinking about the movie, “2001 Space Odyssey”, I can’t help but think of modern rooms….but our 21 century is so different than the movie portrayed, since most of us still want to display our collectables, art, and inherited items.  I created this board by merging space odyssey with our 2012 lifestyles.  Why not go with a bright kitchen island…surely nobody else will have one like yours.  To bring a modern island back down, I mixed earthy elements such as wood and floral decor.  I brought in turquoise to compliment the neon yellow.  Gold and silver lighting and accessories works in any home style, think of these two colors as neutrals.  No matter what your style is you can’t go wrong with modern art.  I say, bigger is better.  Don’t forget to add something living in your space, even if it’s fresh cut flowers from your yard.  Time to take a ride to the moon, oh only in the movies.
living with color

Little Neon Dress

This Spring everyone needs a neon piece, big or little, neon is where it’s at.  I’ve been lusting after this yellow-green neon color for awhile until now.  This is the neon piece I want to wear as the cut is classic and the length isn’t too short or too long but perfect.  Not only does this color popping dress fit my fancy, I can actually see a lot of women wearing it.  To prove my point, I put two looks together that play with the spring trend of adding a pop color, I know the dress is the pop, but to balance the feeling of the dress, I added hot pink to the event night look and peach to the date night look.  What are you waiting for…. go get that neon piece and work it!

Neon worn two ways

Christopher Kane lace dress
$1,325 –

Charlotte Olympia platform high heels
$1,175 –

Christian Louboutin high heels
$81 –

Tory Burch metallic clutch
$295 –

Silver clutch
60 AUD –

Diamond earrings
£375,000 –

Diamond earrings
£325,000 –

NARS Cosmetics matte lipstick
$24 –

Nude lipstick
$11 –

Butter London glitter nail polish
$14 –

Silence Is Golden French Smoke Tee (Womens)
101 AUD –

€90 –