Summer style on speed

I’m so loving the crop tops, airy knit sweaters, cut off jeans, lace tops, gypsy feeling clothing, florals, prints, boyfriend jeans, tanks and how everything is carelessly put together~it’s summer style on steroids!  So gorg and beautiful, the mix of styles, colors and textures!  So much inspiration to be worn and oh, so many fun places!  Summer = a merge of all things carefree and great.



boho always

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Minimal + Classic

TURQUOISE!!! Boho chic perfection - love the turquoise. Via Myee Carlyle.
34 summer style inspirations. love the lace shorts with the jean top!

So boho. Love the flowy silhouette.

printed swim bikini. this style is super flattering to a woman's body. and I just love the print!
Skirt Designs 2014 – 2015 Most Popular Prints & Fashion Trends

Hailey Clauson for Lovers   Friends Spring 2014 Collection Coachella Style #urbandecay

Summer quote
photo credit~pinterest



Lazy Summer Style

When I think of dressing for summer I think of cotton dresses, sandals, white, big sunglasses, wearing hair up, floral clothing, shorts, tank tops, coverups, floppy hats, baseball caps, flip flops, canvas bags, capri pants, wedge Toms, bikinis, white T’s, painted toes, and tube tops!  Yes, I was born in the 70’s!  I love a little romance mixed with casualness.  I’ve always been inspired by girly girl meets tomb boy meets preppy meets classy pants.  You can make these combinations happen all summer long!


Mystique Turquoise Stone Sandals

One Teaspoon Hawaiian Crop Top at Free People Clothing Boutique

Raquel Welch

Free People

+images by Pinterest

Cheers, let’s party

I love hosting a party, and even more so in the blooms of summer when everything is bright and sunny.  Hosting a garden party is my idea of girly perfection.  When I think of garden party I think of…..china, pink, flowers, cake, linens, doilies, refreshing drinks, colorful table covers, mason jars, freshly cut flowers, hanging lights, desserts, fruit and vintage anything!  Here are some of my inspirations.  Jealous? Then start planning now!

photos: pinterest

Beach Calling

A quote I saw that I just can’t get out of my head, “I Long for Salt Air in my Hair”.  I’m thinking about long lazy days spent at the beach with my boys.  The beach is where so many of our summer memories are made with family and friends.  I’m ready!

My Sons Fishing Party

Time to Celebrate James with a Fishing theme Birthday Party!


Make the invitation stand out~ should reflect the party theme


I found these invitations on Etsy


I picked up these cupcake labels on Etsy & made my own fish banner


Make 2 cakes & cut out a shape to add to the top of the other



Goldfish, Swedish fish, Gummi worms





DSC_1522Make the party activity memorable


The boys knew we were fishing for crabs

DSC_1541 DSC_1476

Favor Bags

DSC_1480 DSC_1487

Take home shirts

DSC_1488 DSC_1508 DSC_1512 DSC_1532

Happy 8th Birthday James!

Pisco Sours

I just spent a week with my sister in law, Florecita in Seattle and we enjoyed Pisco Sours every night!  It was a beautiful thing….catching up with family while cooling off with our Pisco Sours.  I have had Pisco Sour only once before, and really enjoyed the ever so addicting sour flavors.  My father in law, says “you’re born with a sour gene or not born with it”.  Well, I was born with it and crave this refreshing lightweight summery drink.

Pisco is an odorless amber colored grape brandy, which is produced in regions of Chile and Peru.  Florecita is from Peru and I can safely speak for her, ‘Pisco originally came from Peru’.  I’m sure it’s a toss up as which country Pisco started in first.  But, there is a coastal town and river in Peru named Pisco.  I’m just pleased that I know people who share their Pisco with me!

Florecita’s bottle of Pisco

To make Pisco Sours, must have limes, egg & some sweetener

Blend away to create the perfect frothy sour drink!

We had a large party with our entire family, so we just used paper cups to enjoy a taste of our Pisco Sours!  Cheers!

Pisco Sour

  • 1/4 cup (2 oz.) pisco
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
  • 1 teaspoon pasteurized egg whites


  1. In a blender, whirl 3 ice cubes, pisco, sugar, fresh lime juice, and egg whites. Whirl until smooth (you’ll no longer hear the ice cracking against the side of the blender) and serve straight up in a martini glass with a dash of aromatic bitters and a wedge of lime.
  2. Peruvian Pantry: Pisco. A brandy distilled from several different grape varieties grown in South America, it is the national drink of Peru and comes in many styles–from smooth and sippable to rough and fiery. (Chile also produces pisco, although Peru contends that the Chilean version is not real pisco but a Chilean brandy that needs its own name.) Pisco became popular in California during the Gold Rush, when Peruvian miners there extolled its virtues to fellow fortune-seekers.
  3. Note: Nutritional analysis is per serving.

Greg Hoitsma, Andina, Portland, OR, Sunset
JUNE 2006

Bad Ass Surf Shop

What?  In Maine, there’s surfing…. sure is and if there’s surfing, then there’s shops, but not just any shop, a new place, that has been here in Ogunquit, Maine for 16 years, but now Liquid Dreams has it’s own new sweet location.

Everything that owners, Mark and Rachael have done at Liquid Dreams is the perfect balance of Coolness + Calmness + Ocean all wrapped into one sweet surf shop mecca.  Every detail has been given the right attention.  They have constructed their shop all themselves and have put their heart and soul into it and it shows.

Being a shopper, I so appreciate the quantity and sweet style of women’s clothes, shoes (TOMS) and swim suits.  The men’s clothing is just as good if not better.  Then you get into all the boards (surf, boogie, skate), wetsuits, and all things cool that should be in a surf shop, like the many oh so many surf and paddle boards.

Having two boys themselves, Mark and Rachael even have cute kids clothes.  I am all about those tiny little shoes.  So cute.

Love these wooden boards.

No need to go any place else….seriously!

How fun is this hang out, while they shop area.

They didn’t have these in the 70’s- so cool.

The boys check out their sweet finds.

Sweet Shoes.


Here in Maine, this is what we need when we are in the water.

Gotta love the info board.

Happy shopper.

Sun protection.

Lovin my TOMS

For the Kids.

Hey Ladies….

Summer day and nights.

Great attention to details.

How cool are these shorts and boards on the ceiling!

A true Liquid Dream.

Their own T’s.

Can I help you?

If the store wasn’t enough, now we have HOOKS restaurant on the property!

Port hole bar!

The roof is set up for shade, trees have light on them and there’s a copper wave outside of it all!

Kids fantasy wave!

If you visit Liquid Dreams new location in Ogunquit or Long Sands beach in York, then most likely you’ll see….Mark and Rachael.

With Hooks restaurant now open, Liquid Dreams isn’t just a shop, but a destination.  Get ready for an experience of good service, stylish clothing, cool kids goods from stickers to boards (my kids were in heaven), awesome decor including the bathrooms, boards, boards and more boards, lesson info and sign up and now food, music and drinks at Hooks!  The best part is you don’t have to get dressed up to enjoy…just go and have fun.

Yes, it’s all here in Maine, a dream that is liquid by most locals and the many who come here to vacation.