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Old Jeans

I dug out my old, DKNY silver tapered jeans that at the time were a little, ok a lot strange… but I just had to have them and over the years I have held on to them.  Several times I have wanted to get rid of them, but every time I looked at them, I thought they are cool.

It has been about 9 years, 2 babies, and a whole lot of jean styles since I wore my funky silver jeans, but it was time to give them a try again.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked out.

They have a high waist, with a zipper on the side and aren’t as flattering on my rear as I’d like, so I paired them with this ‘funky lady’ shirt that is longer.  I love this shirt since the back is a bit of a surprise!  I picked up at a great local second hand store, the Wear House.  I love the colors of this shirt and it has a lot of life left.  It was a great find.

I cuffed the jeans to give them more of a summery feel and wanted to show off my rhinestone wedges.

I love how these shoes, Vera by Vera Wang, are fun with jeans or a dress.  They can add a lot of bling for little cha-ching.

When it came to the jewelry I didn’t want to go rock n’ roll since the shoes and the shirt had a lot of flare, so the pearls gave this outfit the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

My jeans don’t have pockets, so now you can see that nobody is looking at my butt!

By giving my old jeans the right shirt and accessories I was able to update these, at the time, futuristic jeans right into 2012.  I did get a lot of “ooohhh very cool” and “I like your jeans” comments from my friends and a couple of strangers.  I’m not ready to let them go yet, so I can’t wait to see what they’ll look like with boots this Fall.


It’s a Disco Party

Not too long ago I turned, well older and went all out with a “disco” themed party.  Deciding what to wear was hard until I saw it…the purple polyester jumpsuit straight out of (I like to believe) Studio 54!  I bought it used from FireflyVintage on Etsy for $55.00.  But, since every seller on Etsy has their own private shops, you can contact them through Etsy and simply ask if they have any sales running or if they can do better with shipping.  It is always worth asking since 9 times out of 10 I do get a discount.

I just happened to have my mother in laws 1960’s round shades that have 5 other lenses!  I felt the suit needed a belt to break it up, so I found the perfect gold link belt at a local antique shop for $5.00.  Since this suit has such a deep neck, it had to have a chunky necklace, which I found on Etsy at GloriasJewelryBox for $20.00.  This owl has the perfect 70’s feel and picks up the aqua from the jumpsuit.  I already owned the gold wedges which are from Cole Haan.  If you look closely I have a pack of Basic smokes tucked into my top (hey why not- that is what they did in the 70’s).  My gold purse was purchased from a local thrift store for $5.00.  I picked up my bracelet for $200 from a local thrift shop.

I dolled up my face with plenty of rouge, lip gloss and fake eyelashes.  My hairdresser Amanda from, Salon Sabeha in Portsmouth gave me my perfect 1970’s glam do.

Never underestimate a perfect outfit for an important occasion.  I felt as good as I looked and had the time of my life.  Remember to have a couple of tricks…. like this wig I came out in near the end of the night!  Live it up and go all the way with the right ‘outfit’!