Brand PromiseGreat Style at Every Age

Fashion is fun but it can be overwhelming. Keeping up with the latest trends, understanding how to dress your body or just finding time to shop are just a few of the reasons why so many women are not happy with their style. Then add kids and hitting your fabulous 40s to that list – being fashionable can seem impossible.

At D. Jacobsohn Designs Fashion, I remove the obstacles and help you build outfits and closets that make getting dressed and looking your best effortless. Because we all want to be one of those women – who always look flawless no matter what the occasion. With my help, that can be YOU too! It isn’t just what I do; it is my passion and my promise to each and every client.

And staying on top of trends and being fashion forward isn’t just for 20 somethings – great style is possible at every age. So don’t waste time convincing yourself you can’t achieve a show stopping look, life is too short to not look and feel your best. You work hard and it is time to reward yourself – you’ve earned it!

Brand Attributes – One Size Doesn’t Always Fits All
Whether you need an outfit or a complete closet overhaul, D. Jacobsohn Designs Fashion provides scalable services to fit your specific needs and budget.

I make it easy for you to try new trends, keep your look updated and build a closet where all your clothes get worn. I listen and dress YOUR body – accentuating your assets and hiding your flaws. Anyone can buy an outfit off a mannequin or out of a catalog, but prepackaged options designed to dress many aren’t always right for you. I will help you achieve a unique style that you never thought possible, that won’t break the bank and, most importantly, I will teach you how to do it yourself along the way.

Brand Personality – Fashion isn’t Black and White
Fashion is an art form, mixing colors, textures and lines to realize a vision of beauty. It is an outlet for self-expression and a source of self-confidence. Simply put, the perfect outfit makes any woman feel good.

My passion is to help you harness the power of fashion so you can look and feel your best. A closet should be a source of pleasure, not pain and clothes should excite not bore you. So why settle for something that looks OK when fabulous is always an option? It is time to find use for those clothes in your closet that you never get worn and have easy to grab options that take minutes to put together, not hours. Aren’t you ready to make your closet and your style a masterpiece? Strike a pose there’s nothing to it!

It’s a big task, but Denise works quickly.   By working with Denise the work quick & less painful.


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