Interior Redesign

Your home should be a reflection of your personality.  If it isnʼt it may be because of time or interest in interior design.  Design is an art form and requires a balance of planning, texture, space, lighting, color, scale, and mood.

D. Jacobsohn Designʼs can assist you in your interior design project…. however big or small I can  assist you by using items you already own or a complete redesign within your budget.  I am happy to work with one or several rooms.


D. Jacobsohn Design will gather information about your home, by speaking with you and walking through your space together.  Once we determine your vision and goals, I will provided my initial recommendations that would enhance your space.  Back in the office I will research your project to determine a more detailed outline of your redesign.

This initial consultation process depends on the scope of the job, taking into account the number of rooms, and can take on average one hour per room, but not more than 4 hours to complete.

Once your consultation is complete, you may keep your written recommendations for you to use as you please, or we can work together to make your designer look a reality.  Flat rate of $200.

If you decide to use my services the consultation is free.

My goal at D. Jacobsohn Designs is to decorate your space with a designer look that is within your budget.

I offer many services including simple staging, one room fix, home lift (focusing on lighting and paint colors), purging, rearranging furniture. There are so many small jobs that I’m willing to help with, so no job is too small! You’ve got to start somewhere! So happy to work with you!

2 thoughts on “Interior Redesign

  1. Thank you for sending me your info Denise. Have a great day and summer at the beach. It would be fun to camp with your boys. We took newborn babies, toddlers and teenagers on our campouts. You can try doing a night out in your back yard. Tent and small campfire would also be an adventures for your boys. Have fun in whatever you decide to do.. I will let you know when things calm down a little and we have funds to have you over and we are ready to move on with our remodeling.

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