Sneaker Ball

Attending fundraisers is always a pleasure.  I really enjoy supporting local causes and especially when they benefit children.  There is nothing more heartwarming than knowing you can do something to make a difference in a child’s life.

The Sneaker Ball was a benefit to raise money for Jaden’s Ladder and their “Ballers to Scholars” Program.  This ball took place at the beautiful Empire Restaurant & Lounge in Boston.

This time of the year we have plenty of snow and temperatures ranging in the 40’s and lower in the evening.  So deciding what to wear wasn’t hard, but keeping warm was!!  You know me, I’ll practically wear anything for fashion, so I wore my shorts!

When wearing sneakers I don’t normally think of dresses, but plenty of ladies rocked this look.  I like to be sporty when I can, so shorts and a tank worked perfectly with my wedge sneakers!

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Shorts by BASIX BLACK LABEL, sneakers by bucco, Leather coat by , purse by MMS, tank by Gap, Hair by Salon Sabeha, Skincare by MyBody, Balloon by Shop Frilloon.

The evening was a huge success!  The event was well attended, in the chic’s place, gorgeous food, great dj, stunning decor and us in our sneakers!


Gala Style

Bright Lights Big City Gala at the Ritz-Carlton on Boston to raise money for Jaden’s Ladder.  This foundation is very special as they aid women and children move on after being in a domestic abuse life cycle.  I was honored to attend this event and with such a classy location, you can wear that sequence dress, big bold sparkly necklace, all under a gold coat!


Dress by Tory Burch, necklace from Fashioneta, coat by Burberry, and glasses by Tom Ford.  Went with dark blue nails, gold and black earrings, big curly hair and black shiny shoes.  What a fun way to support a well deserved cause.

I want TOMS wedges

Recently, I went out with a girlfriend who was sporting the most adorable wedges and once I heard that they were TOMS, I knew I was going to run out and get a pair of these happy wedges but a feel-good purchase.

Over the past few years I have been hearing about TOMS efforts to help put TOMS on the feet of children who are in need of, not one more pair of shoes, but a pair of shoes.  The box say’s it all and their clear message about helping others is plastered on the soul of the shoe, on the back of a TOMS sticker that was included with my shoes, and on the shoe bag that they include with every purchase.

TOMS, “One for One”, “With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.”  Other messages, “Show it. Share it. Raise it. Fly it”, “This is your flag.  You are now part of the One for One movement.  Keep it. Give it. Hang it. And post it all at:”.

I’m at Liquid Dreams surf shop in Ogunquit, Maine trying on TOMS.  Which ones should I get?

Aqua it is!!  I wanted red with texture until I tried these on and all the boys (hubby & 2 son’s) picked em!

On the back of my TOMS sticker is says~
5 Ways To Get Involved
1.  Put this sticker on your laptop, notebook, car, etc.
2. Host a “Style Your Sole” party
3.  Screen the TOMS documentary.  “For Tomorrow:  The TOMS shoes Story”.
4.  Go barefoot on One Day without Shoes
5.  Stay connected and share your TOMS story.

All of these suggestions are great and hope that my sweet styling feet get you to take a second look at TOMS shoes.  If wedges aren’t your thing (they should be as they give you the height of a heel but are so comfortable your feet will not hurt and take it from me, heels are hard for me) then the TOMS slip on flats may be just what you were looking for.

Not only do I love that I have just supported the TOMS cause, but now I have a ‘must have’ HOT shoe!