Salonista Style not to be missed

I joined the “Salonista Style” team a few weeks ago and was able to wear this AMAZINGLY flattering dress for the studio opening.  What I love about it that it’s white, classy and sexy.  The zippers in gold add interest in all the right places, enhancing the cut of the dress.

IMG_3781      IMG_3790

IMG_3764  IMG_3765

The Beauty comes in three colors- black, red and white, S/M/L and is $60.  To see more fabulous dresses and more from the Salonista Style shop go to


Jackie O You Take My Breath Away

Classic Elegance and Timeless Style is the only way to describe Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  What an icon for so many reasons, and not to say this reason is more or less than anything else Jackie was known for, but her effortless style, grace, composure, and the images I see here are fashionably exquisite.  In my ideal world, I would love to bottle some of these effortless looks myself.  May all of these images inspire us to dress the part and be so fabulous.

Stunning stunning stunning.

Seriously skinny strutting her stuff!  She is so comfortable in her own skin, not needing complicated clothing….I love how she’s able to wear simple clothing so well.

Tailoring is key to creating a memorable look.  It doesn’t matter how much your clothes cost if they are tailor well, you’ll look stylish and memorable.

Nothing is more stylish than wearing your clothing with a bowl full of confidence.  You go girl!

Color!  Wearing a bright color with the perfect balance of sugar with those pearls and spice with those lips.  So beautiful.

Her glasses make me smile….as you can see it’s night, but why not wear that oh so stunning accessory, that you wore so well.  And we are all wearing them again!

I am all about a nicely tailor coat, especially a trench coat.  It doesn’t matter what you are wearing under that coat, all everybody is starring at is how great you look in that coat.  I’ve worn yoga pants and a t-shirt with my trench over and it looks just as good with my pressed shirt and jeans.

I tip my hat to you, Mrs. Everything so classic.  You had it all and will continue to teach us about style.  Thank you Jackie O.

*photos by Tumblr