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Oh Baby It’s Cold

I know what cold winter weather feels like, being born and raised in Alaska I know how to dress for the Cold!  We Alaskans know how to stay warm, mostly by wearing fur, down and wool.  Growing up I spent a lot of time outdoors even if it was cold.  As and adult I still crave being outdoors, but now staying warm must be functional and fashionable!  Here are some Alaskan inspired parkas.

Inuit mother and baby in fur parka by glenbowmuseum on Flickr.

Inuit mother and child, Alaska, around 1903


Growing up in Alaska spending time play in the snow while parents ice fish.


A bit older, maybe 5 but this time I have on my homemade Alaskan fur parka to keep warm.


Wearing my aunts full length parka, wishing I had my very own.  Beautiful!


My son John, wearing a down snowsuit and me in my northface coat and fur headband while hiking.


A good friend wearing her cousin’s Athabascan Alaskan parka.

If you are in need of a good looking parka, fur, wool, faux fur or down parka, here are a few of my favorites!

INUIT Eskimo Fur Hood WOOL PARKA  Large
Inuit Eskimo Fur & Wool Parka, Housewife Vintage $169
Mackage Trish Parka
Down & Fur Parka, Mackage $790
on hold Native Inuit WOOL ANORAK PARKA Fur Hood s-m
Inuit Wool Anorak Parka, Housewife Vintage $275

Thinking about  getting a   CANADA GOOSE  PARKA? THINK TWICE....  Unfortunately,   the trims   on these coats   come from   millions of trapped   fur-bearing animals   like coyotes. Animals   will suffer for days,  break bones   and teeth   trying to escape   from traps.   Some animals   will even   chew off their   own limbs.  NOT humane   or neccessary.   Please BOYCOTT   Canada Goose.

Kensington Parka 625 goose fill, Comes in 16 different colors, Canada Goose
Betty Coat with Faux Fur, Rachel Zoe $550
Down Coat, Dawn Levy $399