Falling in Love with Fall

It’s the most Beautiful time of the year in New England.  I just love living in Maine during Fall.  There is nothing like the spirit and celebration of Fall that New Englander’s cherish.  It is shown through all their efforts with decorations using pumpkins, hay, mums, leaves and more.  If you haven’t seen it for yourself, now it’s time to enjoy and fall in love with New England.

Maine, The Way Life Should Be


She believed, she could, so she did!

I love this!  Every now and again I need to take the time to remind myself that it’s ok to slow down and focus and to just do it!  I do have a lot of ideas and sometime have a tendency to be all over the place, but with that said, sometimes I can get overwhelmed with trying something new or getting out of my own way!  But, a great photo and this caption is just what I needed to remind myself that we are all human, and I will continue to grow and surprise myself!  SMILE

Things that Inspire


I think if using natural items from nature like recycling.

I come from Alaska and everyone hunts, not for sport but for food.  If you hunt, then why not use the bones…. not for everyone, but I find them to be beautiful.


Marble is one of my fav’s, but it is hard to take care of, but as a back splash- clever!

kitchens - pot filler marble subway tiles backsplash Kitchen cooktop with pot filler and marble subway tiles backsplash.


I really love drift wood and reclaimed barn wood.  I love how the wood was used to make a beautiful headboard.


Fur or animal skins, hopefully from sustainable hunting and not sport or faux!

bedrooms - taupe silk organze drapes gray tufted headboard chocolate brown faux fur throw layered yellow blanket zebra cowhide rug black chest


I love how this deck was built around and with the trees.  No need to cut them down!

home exteriors - Craftsman Pool Ipe Pool Ipe Stair Stadium Stairs Ipe Staircase Oak Trees Ipe Deck Ipe Decking Redwood Trellis Reclaimed Redwood Redwood Vertical Grain Redwood Clear Heart Ipe Daybed Ceramic Stool Garden Stool Ceramic Pot Pillow Wood Stump Board and Batten Redwood Shake Cedar Shake Shake Siding Cedar Shingle Red Cedar Western Red Cedar Traditional Teak Furniture Modern Urban Farm House French Window Japanese Siding Ranch House Ranch Home California Ranch

Flowers & Greens

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

This fall it’s easy to add these staple items to your current wardrobe.  I am loving the textures and color options.  Bottom line, have fun with your clothes, it will show and you’ll look fabulous.

Toss & Go Sweater

Grab that big sweater and put it on over your outfit, like you would your coat.  When you get to where your going, feel free to take it off- or not!  If you do a larger sweater, then proportion is key, as you won’t want to look like your clothes are eating you up.  Think skinny jeans, leggings or skirt and loose fitting shirt or a button up shirt.
Free People 'Pattern Party' Cardigan
Jacket that Pops
What I love about this trend is that it doesn’t matter what kind of jacket you wear, just wear one that pops with color or texture!  You can have a lot of fun with this one as a great jackets pairs well with solid clothing or jeans.  Make the jacket the focus of this outfit.
Dark Redish Accessory & Lips
Sam Edelman Handbags Sadie Satchel
Kat Von D - Star Kissed Lipstick Set
If you think you don’t look great with dark lips, then try a lip gloss instead of a lipstick.  The trick with dark lips is to use a lip liner so that the color doesn’t bleed off your lips.  I use a lighter lip liner color than my lip color.
Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC
Printed Pant
Free People Ikat Print Skinny Jeans
If you are young, then go for any print you like, but if you are 35 and older, I suggest going with a darker print or neutral lace print.  Anything goes with this look, I like to pair printed pants with button downs, solid shirts with large jewelry, ballerina flats, booties, and waist length sweaters.
7 For All Mankind The Skinny Metallic Floral-Print Jeans
Floral Fun
Abstract floral pencil skirt
Floral is romantic but can also we graphic.  You decide how to work floral.
Daniel Rainn Floral Blouse
Shine Baby Shine

Rachel Zoe Tinsley Sequin Dolman Dress

The most fun place to shine is in the evening.  If you aren’t one to shine with an entire dress then do it with a purse, heels and with your jewelry.

Hive & Honey Pyramid Fringe Earring
  • BB Dakota Jensine Dress
It’s all about the Collar
Betsey Johnson Film Noir Glitter Lips Crystal Collar
Chandi and Lia Beaded Peterpan Collar Blouse
Very cute and I would love to see this with a skirt and knee high socks.  Do not do a pleated skirt as it is too school girl.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Mika Sweater
Tinley Road Vegan Leather Shift Dress
L.A.M.B. Dotty
Sabine Fringe Vegan Leather Skirt
  • There are so many amazing looks this fall, so go for it and wear it with confidence.  You will look amazing if you love how you look!

8 Home upgrades worth doing.

If you are looking to spruce up your home and aren’t ready to drop too drain your bank account then I have some inexpensive upgrades you should consider, as they have worked for me time and time again.

Inexpensive Home Upgrades

1.  Rearrange your furniture.  This will give you a new feeling in your space, make you consider what you really need or can get rid off, put away and clean.

2.  Paint a new wall color.  I know everyone always says it, but boy does paint enhance banged up, dull walls into a space that can feel calm or fun, you decide which way to go!

3.  Replace your toilets or just the seats.  Need not say more on why!

4.  Replace your hardware on your cabinets.  This can bring your style up to date.  I bought mine at Pottery Barn, for very little nine years ago, and still love them.

5.  Change your bedding.  I finally found a duvet cover that works and I’m sticking with it, but in the winter I add a beautiful thick blanket at the foot of the bed and it changes the feel of my bed.  I do know some people who change their duvet covers a couple times a year!

6.  Replace your light fixtures or just add dimers!  New lighting gives a whole new feel to any room.

7.  Slip cover that furniture.  If your sick of it, cover it.

8.  Purge.  Getting rid of extra clutter in the home, will really lighten the feeling and change how your home looks.

Good Luck!  Happy Home= Happy Me, You too?

Dark Walls

I love that this baby’s room has such dark walls, but still feels so playful with all the white and colors!!  Clever!
How Cool is this office space, as you can see it is very small…. and painted black!
White plays such an important counterpart for balancing a dark wall.
Source: Alvhem Makleri<br /><br /><br /><br />
Awesome black and white kitchen! Contemporary and eclectic. Loving the black wall!
I really love a room that has a lot of color as does this one!  Surely isn’t for everyone, but this has a lot of rich texture, culture and a lot of stories could be told about these colorful pieces.
A lot of animal prints are used with black walls, maybe they bring out the animal in you!

I like how there is so much going on with the black, white chair, green textiles and books the you don’t even need a rug.  The wood really gives with room a warm feeling.

Painting a black wall or small room is something I have always wanted to do.  Shhhh, don’t tell my husband but I’m planning on painting my office walls black!!  Starting this Sunday when he is out of town!  Photos before and after will be added!  I hope it turns out well otherwise I will be in big trouble!!  Would you do it?

Gifts worth giving

I’m a big fan of gift giving and love giving the perfect gift.  It can be a challenge if you don’t really know the person personally, but I have figured out some safe great gifts.

As a gift I gave to several of the staff members at my son’s school this year, were entertaining sets.  Summer was just around the corner when school ended so I gave paper plate and coordinating paper napkin sets with a seashell included on the ribbon.  We live on the Maine coast, so everything is pretty beachy in this area.

I picked out rectangular shaped paper plates~ something different.  You know how everyone always uses paper plates, so why not give them as a gift?

Another gift I gave this summer was a pot of herbs.  I made sure to buy a nice pot that I thought reflected the host personality and picked up a couple of an assortment of herbs to plant.   It was a very welcomed gift and a friend of mine said that she was stealing the idea to use.  Everyone loves fresh herbs when they cook, but who wants to buy them?  Makes a great gift.

A friend of mine was having her third baby so for her shower we gave her a group gift.  Jewelry makes a great gift and I can’t think of a better jewelry company than Nashelle.  Build your own necklaces and bracelets.  I was giving a charm necklace for my 40th birthday and I wear it almost everyday.  What makes it such a great gift is that you can decide what makes the jewelry that you give special to the recipient.  For me, my kids, so my necklace was a gold bar with each of my children’s name on it and my initial.  Very beautiful, affordable and so special.

My husband really enjoys cooking, and he is hard to buy gifts for, so my mom gifted a year subscription to a monthly food magazine.  He loves it and wouldn’t normally buy it for himself.  I find that I would love a subscription to People, but find it hard to spend the money on~ that makes a great gift.

Something that is really hard to get, like a bottle of wine or alcohol makes a very special gift, especially if it’s from your neck of the woods.  For example, my sister in law make Pisco Sours while we visited and when we left she gave me a bottle of Pisco as a gift.  Pisco isn’t sold here, so the gift felt very special being from her and her country.

Handmade anything…I received a quilt for each of my children by a family member and that is one special keepsake.  She also made a bear.  Knowing she took her time, energy and love to make it, feels so good.

And lastly, I find photographs to be amazing gifts.  In the past I have framed photos, put photos in albums, calendars and sent a special photo in a thank you card.  I can’t think of any other way to bring a smile to my face than to recall a special moment through a photograph.