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He’s turning one!

Seven years ago we put down one of our beloved cats and within six months we had to put down one other cat.  It was so devastating to loose two amazing pets who had become part of our family.  At the time we had our first son, who was still an infant, which was a blessing since the loss of our first babies was so depressing.

Last July my husband, two son’s and I decided it was time to add a pet to our household.  For us, we knew it would be a Maine Coon cat, so the search started for a little girl kitten.

After searching local shelters, ads, and on line sites, we didn’t find the right Maine Coon cat for us.  One day while driving my son to summer camp I saw a sign on the road that said, “free kittens”.  I followed up that day and met not only one, but two adorable Maine Coon kittens and knew we had to pick up the girl, which I had my heart set on getting since I am the only female in the house!  The next day we went to pick up our kitten and the owners told us shocking information, that one kitten ran into the road and got hit and the other ran into the woods.  We couldn’t believe it.  Another loss with so many mixed emotions and we were feeling like we’d never find our new pet.

I decided to look on Craigslist and found a listing for this Maine Coon/Lynx face:


We were so in love with the picture but didn’t want to get our hopes up since we lost the other kitten.  When we showed up to meet this kitten, he was so tiny and yes, a boy, but that isn’t what really set me off about him, it was that he was half Maine coon and half Lynx so he had a stubby half tail.  He wasn’t perfect, but he was just right for us.  The minute we saw him, we all fell in love, fleas and all.


The boys named him ACE!  Which is the coolest cat name, but would he hold up to his name?


Ace on our ride home!


My three boys!



Prince Ace fits right into our household!


Growing right out of that Bumbo Ace




Ace has to be with us at all times, which is similar to our other Maine Coon cats.



As you can see Ace puts up with us and has added so much quality to our lives we’re not sure why it took us so long to get a cat, but I know deep down we were waiting for him, not just any cat.  Yes, we will be celebrating his birthday on June 17 with cake and ice cream and my youngest son said that he can invite all the other cats from the family.  Happy Birthday Ace!


Hot neon island decor

Thinking about the movie, “2001 Space Odyssey”, I can’t help but think of modern rooms….but our 21 century is so different than the movie portrayed, since most of us still want to display our collectables, art, and inherited items.  I created this board by merging space odyssey with our 2012 lifestyles.  Why not go with a bright kitchen island…surely nobody else will have one like yours.  To bring a modern island back down, I mixed earthy elements such as wood and floral decor.  I brought in turquoise to compliment the neon yellow.  Gold and silver lighting and accessories works in any home style, think of these two colors as neutrals.  No matter what your style is you can’t go wrong with modern art.  I say, bigger is better.  Don’t forget to add something living in your space, even if it’s fresh cut flowers from your yard.  Time to take a ride to the moon, oh only in the movies.
living with color

Jewels of the Sea

Living on the East Coast, we always keep an eye out for sea glass.

I love how all the glass is so different, but goes together as a whole so well.

I attended a holiday craft show on the coast of Maine and bought these three awesome lobster cards.

This blue lobster made out of sea glass gave me the idea to hot glue my jewels of the sea to the frame.

When i think of lobsters, I think of red, which is why I went with a red background

The frame came from Michaels and was very inexpensive, but with these stunning cards and pieces of sea glass we turned our collection into a priceless sea of summer memories.


For my son’s fishing themed room, he needed a ‘wow’ piece, so I layered the closet with color, designs and texture.

I started with painting the entire closet red, then outlined in blue, and drew the fish onto the door with pencil.

To add dimension to the fish, lures & wording, I used metallic markers.

I added sticky lettering and fish stickers to add to the waves.

To make the lures shiny I added silver glitter glue.

We really love how this closet turned out.  It’s playful, unique & gives the room added interest.  My son loves it, so job well done!

Hello Style

There are so many styles to add to your wardrobe this Spring…. where to start?  My suggestion, pick a couple new trends that you are drawn to and add them to your current clothing.

Spring Trends Breakdown:  Neons, florals, mix and match patterns, poplum, pencil skirt, wedge shoes, metallics, chunky colorful necklaces, mint and coral clothing, and pink lips.

If you just don’t know where to start, I suggest go with one new Neon item such as a belt and add it to your jeans, or around that dress or shirt.  You can do the same trick with Metallic shoes or belt.  Also, anyone call pull off wedge shoes.  There are no rules to these shoes, they can go with just about anything!

Stay away from trying mix and match patterns as it is a lot harder unless you go to the store and buy the entire outfit from the spring collection matchy match section.  Boring, but if you just have to do it, beware you may end up looking like you didn’t have your glasses on that morning.

If you are skinny or curvy and like to have your shirts tucked in, then go for that pencil skirt otherwise, run.  It’s all about elongating your lower half and keeping things up top simple, with a crisp button up shirt or with a tucked in T and a jean jacket that falls at the waits.  Keep the proportions up top either tucked in or short, otherwise this look can go wrong quickly!

My faithful spring go to items are, a trench coat, floral scarf, skinny belt and ballerina flats.  To stay on top of the trends, I added my mother-in-laws two tone blue chuncky plastic beaded necklace, a neon T, and wedge shoes.  I’m not a fan of mint clothing but I will paint my nails this springy green color.

Don’t forget to lighten your makeup colors.  Leave the smoky eyes out for awhile and go with pastels…eyeshadow, cheeks and lips!

Have fun with these spring trends and be quick, because just when you finally figure it out, it will be summer and we’ll have new trends to follow!