Fall Style

Fall is when we pile on the layers.  When shopping for Fall clothing,  take into account your Basics and the Trends.  Basics are those staples that you already own: jeans, leggings, sweaters, scarves, button downs, boots and coats.  Trends are items that make your basics more specific: what kind of cuts, and popular colors & fabrics found on the runway.  Some items are timeless and will never change, the classics:  black leggings, jean shirts, trench coats, white button downs, ballerina flats and boots.  Rule of thumb, stick with the basics, always have the classics and add a couple trendy items.  Most trends come around sooner or later, so if you buy an expensive trendy item, hold on to it!


Wine or Claret


Burnt Orange




Dark Green




Trends this Fall

Sneakers with any outfit


Off the shoulder


Ripped jeans


Over the knee boots




You can always wear: jean jackets, chunky sweaters, black turtle necks, tan trench coats & boots!  Happy Fall Dressing


Fall color trends

If you are like me, then you too wear the same colors over and over and maybe add a new color some times.  For years I had an aversion to wearing the color peach or tangerine.  Well, that all changed this Spring when tangerine was the ‘it’ color.

My mom was visiting from Alaska and we went shopping, as we enjoy doing, and before I could put my peach colored skirt into the cart (Target) my mom reminded me that I didn’t like that color.  Yes, you are right, but it’s the color of the season and…. well it looks good on me.  Who knew since I didn’t wear it for the past forty years!

Now, my closet looks like a bomb went off filled with colors I never thought I would wear.  I have lime green jeans, turquoise canvas shoes, neon pink accessories, grey knee high boots and it goes on an on.

If you are rejecting colors because you are stuck wearing the same blacks, navies, and white, then it is time to give the seasons ‘it’ color a try.  You don’t have to go head to toe, but start by adding one new piece in a different color to spice up your wardrobe.

This Fall’s hottest colors

Burgundy or Grape

Grab a burgundy jacket, cardigan or solid scarf to your current Fall clothing to fit in this great color.

Midnight Blue

Wear midnight blue just the same as you would navy blue.


Add mustard with cords, a sweater, or leather handbag.

You never know if a color will work out for you, unless you try it.  To fit in this fall with the color trends, go out and pick up one item from each of the ‘hot’ colors.  I bet you’ll find that you actually look good in one of these Fall colors.