Bad Ass Surf Shop

What?  In Maine, there’s surfing…. sure is and if there’s surfing, then there’s shops, but not just any shop, a new place, that has been here in Ogunquit, Maine for 16 years, but now Liquid Dreams has it’s own new sweet location.

Everything that owners, Mark and Rachael have done at Liquid Dreams is the perfect balance of Coolness + Calmness + Ocean all wrapped into one sweet surf shop mecca.  Every detail has been given the right attention.  They have constructed their shop all themselves and have put their heart and soul into it and it shows.

Being a shopper, I so appreciate the quantity and sweet style of women’s clothes, shoes (TOMS) and swim suits.  The men’s clothing is just as good if not better.  Then you get into all the boards (surf, boogie, skate), wetsuits, and all things cool that should be in a surf shop, like the many oh so many surf and paddle boards.

Having two boys themselves, Mark and Rachael even have cute kids clothes.  I am all about those tiny little shoes.  So cute.

Love these wooden boards.

No need to go any place else….seriously!

How fun is this hang out, while they shop area.

They didn’t have these in the 70’s- so cool.

The boys check out their sweet finds.

Sweet Shoes.


Here in Maine, this is what we need when we are in the water.

Gotta love the info board.

Happy shopper.

Sun protection.

Lovin my TOMS

For the Kids.

Hey Ladies….

Summer day and nights.

Great attention to details.

How cool are these shorts and boards on the ceiling!

A true Liquid Dream.

Their own T’s.

Can I help you?

If the store wasn’t enough, now we have HOOKS restaurant on the property!

Port hole bar!

The roof is set up for shade, trees have light on them and there’s a copper wave outside of it all!

Kids fantasy wave!

If you visit Liquid Dreams new location in Ogunquit or Long Sands beach in York, then most likely you’ll see….Mark and Rachael.

With Hooks restaurant now open, Liquid Dreams isn’t just a shop, but a destination.  Get ready for an experience of good service, stylish clothing, cool kids goods from stickers to boards (my kids were in heaven), awesome decor including the bathrooms, boards, boards and more boards, lesson info and sign up and now food, music and drinks at Hooks!  The best part is you don’t have to get dressed up to enjoy…just go and have fun.

Yes, it’s all here in Maine, a dream that is liquid by most locals and the many who come here to vacation.

I want TOMS wedges

Recently, I went out with a girlfriend who was sporting the most adorable wedges and once I heard that they were TOMS, I knew I was going to run out and get a pair of these happy wedges but a feel-good purchase.

Over the past few years I have been hearing about TOMS efforts to help put TOMS on the feet of children who are in need of, not one more pair of shoes, but a pair of shoes.  The box say’s it all and their clear message about helping others is plastered on the soul of the shoe, on the back of a TOMS sticker that was included with my shoes, and on the shoe bag that they include with every purchase.

TOMS, “One for One”, “With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.”  Other messages, “Show it. Share it. Raise it. Fly it”, “This is your flag.  You are now part of the One for One movement.  Keep it. Give it. Hang it. And post it all at:”.

I’m at Liquid Dreams surf shop in Ogunquit, Maine trying on TOMS.  Which ones should I get?

Aqua it is!!  I wanted red with texture until I tried these on and all the boys (hubby & 2 son’s) picked em!

On the back of my TOMS sticker is says~
5 Ways To Get Involved
1.  Put this sticker on your laptop, notebook, car, etc.
2. Host a “Style Your Sole” party
3.  Screen the TOMS documentary.  “For Tomorrow:  The TOMS shoes Story”.
4.  Go barefoot on One Day without Shoes
5.  Stay connected and share your TOMS story.

All of these suggestions are great and hope that my sweet styling feet get you to take a second look at TOMS shoes.  If wedges aren’t your thing (they should be as they give you the height of a heel but are so comfortable your feet will not hurt and take it from me, heels are hard for me) then the TOMS slip on flats may be just what you were looking for.

Not only do I love that I have just supported the TOMS cause, but now I have a ‘must have’ HOT shoe!