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It’s All In The Details

When I do anything, and I mean any thing, I think about all the details.  Honestly, it’s how I function in my life.  From my house, to planning a party, working with clients, and especially what I wear, I do think about every tiny detail.  I’m in my head saying, ‘nope that’s not right’ or ‘oh that’s it’, ‘ok now that changes this’…so everything becomes a process.

What I know is that I’m really good at taking into account all the details.  I don’t look at most rooms as being ‘done’ as our styles are constantly changing and evolving.  I do the same process with my outfits.  I don’t usually wear the same outfit in the same way.  I like to mix it up to stay on trend, for fun and fitting into the occasion.

Here is my example of taking ‘the details’ into account.

A Denim & Diamond Fundraiser

Layered sparkly necklaces

Silver skirt becomes a neutral

Nude heels to elongate

Top had embellishments but more for me!

Made my own belt and held together with a pin

Hair needed sparkle as well

DIY gold nails

My brightest clutch

DKNY denim topped off the look

This outfit was a big success at the event and I got a lot of attention for taking some chances and paying attention to the details.

I promise you if you pay attention and take time with how you’re wearing clothing and go the extra mile with your accessories and hair, you’ll look fabulous and enjoy yourself so much more!!  Go ahead, what are you waiting for, start working it girl!


Celebrating New Year Eve in Style!

1907 The New Year’s Eve Ball
The invitation
Martha always knows how to decorate!
The perfect NYE dress
I love having party hats & horns to ring in the new year!
There is nothing like fireworks at midnight!
The Bar
There is nothing like champagne on Dec 31st!
The food
The decorations
And of course….the F*U*N!
(The Last Day of Disco – New Year’s Eve Studio 54, 1978)
Happy New Year 2013!


I have always loved parties, you could call me a party animal.  I love attending or planning a good party.  To me it is all about the theme, if you can pin down the theme then it will all fall into place.  Once it’s decided, go for ‘that perfect invitation’, as that is your guest’s first impression on what they are invited to.  For me if I get an invite that is stunning, then I know the party will follow, but if I get an invitation that is so-so then you can almost expect a so-so party.

It is so easy to find great invitations with Etsy.  All of these were bought on Etsy.  Simply go to their site, and search under ‘handmade’ and start with your subject + invitation.  Some you print yourself, which are way cheaper and others are made to order and shipped to you, so consider your time frame and make sure you can get your invitation out in enough time for your guests.

Here are just a few of the invitations that we’ve sent out for our parties!


How fun is this invitation to my 70’s disco party!!


Boys only party invitations! $10 for dyi

Add some theme details to the outside of the invitation too.

I printed this one myself and used craft scissors and added theme stickers.

John’s Robot cake!  Super easy~ body & head is sheet cake and I used rice krispies for the rest with colorful candy to add details.

I love to use stickers as they are so beautiful now.  I mix them with my own printed details.

Don’t be afraid to ‘go all out’~ such memory makers!

I didn’t have time to make a Cat theme cake, so I bought one and used an extra invitation as decoration.  These were ordered from Etsy, shop called Nelson 55.