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Hot neon island decor

Thinking about the movie, “2001 Space Odyssey”, I can’t help but think of modern rooms….but our 21 century is so different than the movie portrayed, since most of us still want to display our collectables, art, and inherited items.  I created this board by merging space odyssey with our 2012 lifestyles.  Why not go with a bright kitchen island…surely nobody else will have one like yours.  To bring a modern island back down, I mixed earthy elements such as wood and floral decor.  I brought in turquoise to compliment the neon yellow.  Gold and silver lighting and accessories works in any home style, think of these two colors as neutrals.  No matter what your style is you can’t go wrong with modern art.  I say, bigger is better.  Don’t forget to add something living in your space, even if it’s fresh cut flowers from your yard.  Time to take a ride to the moon, oh only in the movies.
living with color