Summer run

Summer, I thought was a time to reenergize, relax, catch up with friends and maybe even read books under lazy sunny days. Well I’ll tell you one thing, not for me, do I have time to get re-energize, and if I tried to relax then I’d fall asleep, and I can’t even read a magazine, so I have to say it…the truth. The truth is once you have kids summer is all about them since they aren’t St school all day it is my job to find & schedule the fun, oh and pack up, get the kids ready and attend these activities with them while making sure they are staying hydrated and protected from the sun and fed. I don’t want to sound like summer isn’t fun, but it surely isn’t relaxing. I love the beach and the pool and the lake and our kitty pool but one of these days it has to be my turn to float around on a mat and daydream about the hot summer day. Or not. I will do it all smiling and having fun, and know that I am making some life long memories for my kids just like my parents did for me. It is my turn and I will do it with drink in hand, or until they go back to school again.

End of the school year blues

I don’t know why but, I’ve always had a soft spot for change, not all change, but things coming to an end.  This year my oldest son attends first grade and we’ve had a really nice year.  I always make it a point to volunteer every other week for an hour and will pop in for a lunch date with my younger son.  John, my youngest is ending preschool, where he has been attending for the past couple of years.  We’ve had great success there as well and I know he is ready to move on, but with all this change happening at once maybe I’m not ready to move on.

Come to find out the morning of my son’s last day of first grade, he said to me, “I wish we had two more days of school” and “it’s going to be like 50 more days until I can go to school again”.  It makes me smile to think of all the fun he is going to have this summer, especially with grandma coming to visit, but it also broke my heart to hear how sad he was about school ending.

This made me think about how we all struggle with change and depending on the situation our reactions vary in great degrees.  Sometimes I’m fine with things coming to an end, like my kids swimming lessons, and other times, I have a harder time wrapping my emotions around what is to come next.

With my children being out of school now, we are taking one day at a time and I have to say, summer isn’t so bad after all…. it’s a blast!

Brotherly love.  My two boys having a moment before the bus comes on the last day of school!

And he is off, a little sad, but also happy to enjoy seeing his teacher and buddies on his last day being a first grader!

I just found out who my new teacher is going to be for next Fall!!  My bff is in the same class! H+A+P+P+Y!

Celebrating the first day of summer with what else, ice cream!

Goofball boys!

So far we have had two full days off from school for summer vacation and we’ve gone for ice cream, had a playdate at our friends pool, went to another friend’s house for dinner, played with different friends at their house all morning, went to the beach, swam in the river, and now we are going out to eat at Dairy Queen and get ice cream!

I wanna be a cowgirl (actually The Pioneer Woman)

I secretly want to be “The Pioneer Woman” living on her ranch making chicken fried steak for her cowboy.  I love that she gets to wear that hat everyday and she makes mason jars look attractive.  So in honor of channeling Ree, here are my efforts to be a wanna be cowgirl that I am.

The kids playing on a homemade rope swing.

1, 2, 3………jump

My son & his best girl jumping off the Rocky Acres farm stand sign, a locally owned family farm stand with a country feel.

Picked our own blueberries and made fresh pies & jellies.

We made our own pins and shrugs and dresses!  Momma Fix is where I do that.

I used mason jars to store my mom’s banana bread, for up to one year! Which is sold at Rocky Acres Stand!

We enjoyed & danced to Bluegrass (Rose’s Pawn Shop) music one warm summer evening.  Listen to one of their songs, Deep Red Clay!  Rocks!

We baked, rode on hay, arm wrestled and walked our small town parade!


I know I am not even close to Ree with her pioneer empire, cowboys & girls, cookbooks and all, but a small piece of me knows that what we’ve done in these photos helps me fulfill that country side of me.  I do have many other cowgirl things to try this year…I never know what I am going to try next!! I can’t wait!  Stay tuned!