Salonista Style not to be missed

I joined the “Salonista Style” team a few weeks ago and was able to wear this AMAZINGLY flattering dress for the studio opening.  What I love about it that it’s white, classy and sexy.  The zippers in gold add interest in all the right places, enhancing the cut of the dress.

IMG_3781      IMG_3790

IMG_3764  IMG_3765

The Beauty comes in three colors- black, red and white, S/M/L and is $60.  To see more fabulous dresses and more from the Salonista Style shop go to


Going for Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood reminds me of hair pinned up, bright lips, gold shoes and fur.  When I dress for a special occasion, just putting on a pretty dress is not enough.  I enjoy having a vision and this time my vision started with wearing a fur.  I didn’t own a fur, or any of my look but I get jazzed by the challenge of finding my outfit.  The fundraiser was held at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston for Jaden’s Ladder.  When I’m at a classy hotel, I like to dress the part.

The skinny on my look~

I found this simple brown DVF dress at a friend’s shop for $50!  The next thing I found were these gold and black sequence shoes from J. Crew.  Over time I found the fur vest on Ebay but with the shipping time, it would arrive with only 10 days to spare.  I really wasn’t sure if it would be perfect, but to my surprise it’s gorgeous.

I picked up the clutch on winter clearance at Lord & Taylor.  I chose it to tie the black and gold together with a bit of hard to play off the soft fur.  The last item I picked, which didn’t really end up showing is my gold and Swarovski crystal necklace.  But, I love it and am glad I bought it.  The symbol means, “double luck” in Chinese.’

Hair styled by Salon Sabeha, make up from Modern Priscilla, teeth whitening by Super Smile.

Dress $50, J.Crew Shoes $32 (clearance), Fur $75, Swarovski necklace $60 (outlet), clutch $28

Total cost $245

IMG_3415                               IMG_3536

IMG_3428    DSC_0062


  DSC_0072                                  DSC_0077



The way we were

Mark and I met in 1994 and married in 97.  I was so young, all of 25 years old when we married.

sc00173237One of our first formal events together.

sc0017641fA couple years after we were married

sc00172915Attending a wedding before we were married

DSC_0498Christmas 2011.  After being a couple for 17 years!

DSC_1543Summer 2012

A N D. . . . here we are 18 years later!

DSC_1315We’ve come a long way. . . 2 son’s who are now 6 and 9, my stepson is 27 and this summer we welcomed a daughter-in-law into the family.  Our family has grown and continues to change, but one thing remains the same…us!

Cheers, let’s party

I love hosting a party, and even more so in the blooms of summer when everything is bright and sunny.  Hosting a garden party is my idea of girly perfection.  When I think of garden party I think of…..china, pink, flowers, cake, linens, doilies, refreshing drinks, colorful table covers, mason jars, freshly cut flowers, hanging lights, desserts, fruit and vintage anything!  Here are some of my inspirations.  Jealous? Then start planning now!

photos: pinterest

My Sons Fishing Party

Time to Celebrate James with a Fishing theme Birthday Party!


Make the invitation stand out~ should reflect the party theme


I found these invitations on Etsy


I picked up these cupcake labels on Etsy & made my own fish banner


Make 2 cakes & cut out a shape to add to the top of the other



Goldfish, Swedish fish, Gummi worms





DSC_1522Make the party activity memorable


The boys knew we were fishing for crabs

DSC_1541 DSC_1476

Favor Bags

DSC_1480 DSC_1487

Take home shirts

DSC_1488 DSC_1508 DSC_1512 DSC_1532

Happy 8th Birthday James!

Falling in Love with Fall

It’s the most Beautiful time of the year in New England.  I just love living in Maine during Fall.  There is nothing like the spirit and celebration of Fall that New Englander’s cherish.  It is shown through all their efforts with decorations using pumpkins, hay, mums, leaves and more.  If you haven’t seen it for yourself, now it’s time to enjoy and fall in love with New England.

Maine, The Way Life Should Be

She believed, she could, so she did!

I love this!  Every now and again I need to take the time to remind myself that it’s ok to slow down and focus and to just do it!  I do have a lot of ideas and sometime have a tendency to be all over the place, but with that said, sometimes I can get overwhelmed with trying something new or getting out of my own way!  But, a great photo and this caption is just what I needed to remind myself that we are all human, and I will continue to grow and surprise myself!  SMILE

Dark Walls

I love that this baby’s room has such dark walls, but still feels so playful with all the white and colors!!  Clever!
How Cool is this office space, as you can see it is very small…. and painted black!
White plays such an important counterpart for balancing a dark wall.
Source: Alvhem Makleri<br /><br /><br /><br />
Awesome black and white kitchen! Contemporary and eclectic. Loving the black wall!
I really love a room that has a lot of color as does this one!  Surely isn’t for everyone, but this has a lot of rich texture, culture and a lot of stories could be told about these colorful pieces.
A lot of animal prints are used with black walls, maybe they bring out the animal in you!

I like how there is so much going on with the black, white chair, green textiles and books the you don’t even need a rug.  The wood really gives with room a warm feeling.

Painting a black wall or small room is something I have always wanted to do.  Shhhh, don’t tell my husband but I’m planning on painting my office walls black!!  Starting this Sunday when he is out of town!  Photos before and after will be added!  I hope it turns out well otherwise I will be in big trouble!!  Would you do it?

The Perfect Wedding Gift

I enjoy doing anything creative, so naturally I love to wrap gifts, but mostly love giving them and try to create a unique gift if possible.  There is nothing like getting a gift that is so perfect for you and you love everything about it, from the way it was presented to you, to the packing, and of course the gift!

I bought a large frame from Crate & Barrel that had a custom mat where several size photos could go.  I made sure that the frame would be a good fit for the couples home style.  I took their wedding invitation and copied a couple of times so that I could create some custom cards using their invitation, quotes, monograms and their names.

The couples’ invitation.

I made their monogram on my computer and added my favorite quote, “And they lived happily ever after”!  I used  turquoise card stock to add another blue to the frame.

I cut their invitation anchor and added it with their names to tie the entire look together.  It is these details that make this gift look professional and very special.

I went to the store to shop for something else to add to their frame and ended up picking this blue water heart card out!  Love!

It just needed a little of Holly & Seth!

Here are some of the custom cards I created.  All with blue fonts.

I took the boarder of their invitation and cut it to fit perfectly around their ‘established’ card.

The final gift has plenty of space for wedding memories and photos.  I love that I started their memory frame, but they get to add their own touches to complete it perfectly for them!

I never give a gift in a bag, and with the scale of this gift I had no other choice but to use paper.

I love white and only white for a wedding.  This is handmade paper that was made through fair trade practices.

I used a strip of burlap fabric for an earthy looking bow.  I love contrasting everything- soft and rough.

To add their ‘blue’ wedding color I tied in a blue ribbon and monogram on their card.  To keep with the beach feeling, I placed an ornamental starfish.

The couple recently moved to the coastal area, so I liked the idea of also giving them a fresh set of Ralph Lauren beach towels.  I used a stripped paper, but kept things similar with the bows and starfish.  To combine the two gifts I added an extra layer of the fair trade floral paper to this gift.

You can’t go overboard with a newlywed couple and monograms!

And they lived happily ever after and I am happily gifting!

I want TOMS wedges

Recently, I went out with a girlfriend who was sporting the most adorable wedges and once I heard that they were TOMS, I knew I was going to run out and get a pair of these happy wedges but a feel-good purchase.

Over the past few years I have been hearing about TOMS efforts to help put TOMS on the feet of children who are in need of, not one more pair of shoes, but a pair of shoes.  The box say’s it all and their clear message about helping others is plastered on the soul of the shoe, on the back of a TOMS sticker that was included with my shoes, and on the shoe bag that they include with every purchase.

TOMS, “One for One”, “With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.”  Other messages, “Show it. Share it. Raise it. Fly it”, “This is your flag.  You are now part of the One for One movement.  Keep it. Give it. Hang it. And post it all at:”.

I’m at Liquid Dreams surf shop in Ogunquit, Maine trying on TOMS.  Which ones should I get?

Aqua it is!!  I wanted red with texture until I tried these on and all the boys (hubby & 2 son’s) picked em!

On the back of my TOMS sticker is says~
5 Ways To Get Involved
1.  Put this sticker on your laptop, notebook, car, etc.
2. Host a “Style Your Sole” party
3.  Screen the TOMS documentary.  “For Tomorrow:  The TOMS shoes Story”.
4.  Go barefoot on One Day without Shoes
5.  Stay connected and share your TOMS story.

All of these suggestions are great and hope that my sweet styling feet get you to take a second look at TOMS shoes.  If wedges aren’t your thing (they should be as they give you the height of a heel but are so comfortable your feet will not hurt and take it from me, heels are hard for me) then the TOMS slip on flats may be just what you were looking for.

Not only do I love that I have just supported the TOMS cause, but now I have a ‘must have’ HOT shoe!